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Book Fair Volunteers Needed!

Seeking volunteers to help this be another successful event. The proceeds from book sales are applied to purchase additional books for the Library and each classroom. Volunteer background check would need to be complete for this opportunities. Volunteers will report to Ms. Nakagawa in the Library. Sign up here or on the sheet in the library.

Volunteers assist students with locating or selecting books, run the cash register, count and bundle money for bank deposit.

Spots are open for the following:

Tuesday 10:45-12:00 - 1 volunteer

Wednesday 10:45-12:00 - 2 volunteers

Thursday 10:45-12:00 - 2 volunteers

Friday 10:45-12:00 - 2 volunteers

Friday 1:45-2:30 - 3 volunteers to help pack up the book fair and set-up the library

What does a Library Volunteer do during the Book Fair?

Below is an overview of what a Book Fair Volunteer may be doing during their time.

1. Before the Students or Parents Arrive to Shop

  • The first time you volunteer you should arrive 10 minutes early for training.

  • Look around & become familiar with the books & items being sold.

  • I will provide a training/review on using the cash register & hand scanner as needed.

2. When the Students Arrive

  • Volunteers may run a cash register, pull items from the display table or assist young students locate or select books.

  • If you are at a cash register you will ring up cash, check & credit card sales using a hand scanner on the barcodes.

3. At the End of Your Volunteer Shift

  • The Lunch Recess shift will deliver “out-of-time” books to students in their classrooms.

  • Tidy up & Restock the tables, cases & displays as needed.

  • Count & bundle bills, coins, checks & slips for bank deposit.

  • On the last day of the Fair, I need 2+ Volunteers to help pack & stack the BF boxes. Pack Up and Setting Up the Library requires heavy lifting & moving of boxes, carts, tables & chairs. The more help we have, the faster we will finish.

4. You are welcome to come earlier or stay later of your shift.

  • Even though the Fair takes over the Library space, I continue seeing classes for checking in & out books to students during their Library Day. I could use help putting away carts of books, putting stickers on new books just purchased, etc.

  • Let me know you’re there to lend a helping hand!

Thank You!

Linda Nakagawa, Teacher-Librarian


Thursdays, Fridays & Alternating Wednesdays

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