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What We Do


We create cultural events that bring families and school staff together to celebrate our diverse community. 


We communicate through multiple channels what’s going on at Maple so that all families are informed.


We organize ways for families to volunteer in and out of the classroom in any capacity that allows them to be a part of the school.


We advocate for families and students so that all students have equitable opportunities.


We raise money for the vital programs, educational resources, and field trips to reduce economic hardships.

Who We Are

Parent Leaders

  • Gina Englund, Summer Gallagher & Agnes Gomez, Leadership Team & Co-Presidents

  • Leadership Team, Vice President of Communications

  • Leadership Team, Secretary

  • Open -Tiffany Koyama (Interim), Treasurer

  • OpenAdvocacy Chair

  • Open, Intern Supervisor

  • Open, Fundraising/SESSFA Representatives

  • Agnes Gómez, Membership Coordinator

  • Sarah Igawa, Volunteer Coordinator

  • Kate Krueger, Maple Cares Coordinator

  • Jessica Scarpino, School Supplies Coordinator

Committees and Representatives

  • Communications Committee (led by Leadership Team)
    • Carmen Ramirez Garcia, Whatsapp

    • Erica Chau, WeChat

    • Hannah Locke, Web & Facebook

  • Maple Market

    • Kin Luu & Jennifer Peterson

  • Staff Appreciation

    • Pam chin & Bao Ng​

  • Family Engagement Action Team

    • Analilia Santacruz​

  • Building Leadership Team

    • Analilia Santacruz & Mike Quan​

  • Race and Equity (Family Racial Equity Engagement) Representative​

    • Anna Pavlik​

  • District 7 Equity Group Representative​

    • Jennifer Peterson​

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