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Maple School Supplies Program

We are officially launching a bulk supplies buying program for all students. Read more about it below. Envelopes to collect your families contributions to pay for supplies will be going home in kid mail or pay online (link below).



  • Instead of sending home lists of school supplies, supplies will be ordered using PTSA funds for all students. Funding comes from family contributions. Similar school supply buying programs implemented at over a dozen schools throughout SPS with positive reception from school, staff, and families

  • Model proposed for Maple would be to collect monetary contributions from families into a PTSA fund that would be used to purchase supplies in bulk. 

  • The school purchases supplies with district funds and the PTSA also has a fund designated to each classroom/teacher to purchase supplies and get reimbursed. These modalities of supply-acquisition will remain unaffected by this program.








Rationale & Specific Aims

  1. Saves time, cost, and effort for individual families.

  2. Allows staff to request and receive exactly what is needed for their classrooms.

  3. Levels playing field for all students.


Frequently Asked Questions

“Why doesn’t the school just provide all the supplies students need?”

Washington State has not fully funded education for our students. Therefore some school supplies are provided, but the funding is not adequate to cover every need.

“Where do all the school supplies come from? What supplies will my money purchase?”

School supplies are divided into three categories: supplies available through the district, supplies traditionally purchased by families for individual classrooms, and additional supplies purchased by teachers.


The supplies purchased through the district by Maple’s administrative staff and the additional supplies purchased by teachers will remain unchanged. Instead of having families provide school supplies for their individual students, Maple PTSA will be ordering supplies in bulk so that the classroom supplies will be fulfilled.

In the Spring, teachers will give a list of what is needed for classrooms. These supplies include notebooks, folders, dry-erase markers, wipes, etc. We will also buy some sturdier items that we expect to use for multiple years, such as rulers and protractors. Maple PTSA will be ordering these supplies over the summer and deliver them to the classrooms before the school year starts. 

“When and how do I pay?”

For the 2019-2020 school year, families will receive information through KidMail in the first week of June 2019 about contributing toward the school supplies fund. There will be a variety of ways to pay, including cash or check sent to the school, or through PayPal on the Maple PTSA page.

Are incoming kindergarten families being asked to contribute?

Yes. Supplies will be purchased by PTSA for kindergarten students in the summer and kindergarten families will be given an opportunity to contribute toward the supplies fund at the beginning of the year. Information will be given at the kindergarten orientation as well as the first few weeks of school. Families are welcome to start giving now online."

“Are you sure this is saving money?”

With lists of supplies in the past, families typically spent up to $100 per student. By buying in bulk, we are significantly reducing that price. Despite buying brands that tend to last longer and investing in some sturdier items, such as rulers and calculators, the bulk discounts available help us save money for all families.

“What if I can’t afford this?”

Please don’t worry. Pay only if you are able. 


“So, does my student still need to bring anything from home?”

Your student will still need a backpack (and a lunch box if your student brings lunch). If you need help with getting a backpack, please contact Ms.Robin Lee.


“Will teachers request additional supplies from families anyway?”

Teachers are asked each Spring to specify their classroom’s needs, and the PTSA orders corresponding amounts of items. Some teachers may ask families to bring in special items. For example, your student might be asked to bring a reusable water bottle for personal use or bring in items for specific projects. Classrooms where snacks are provided may ask families to contribute by bringing snacks. 

“What if I don’t want to participate? Is there a list of supplies I can buy?”

There will no longer be school supplies lists. However, there is no obligation to participate. If you would like to bring school supplies, please contact your child’s teacher for their specific classroom needs.


“Why did this program get started?”

In recent years, Maple PTSA leaders have heard from parents who asked us to address the inefficiency and potential inequity of the school requiring each family to individually fulfill the supplies list. Before initiating this program, we looked at the experience at other schools and took into account that Maple staff have long had to find ways cover the needs of families unable to purchase the items on their child’s supplies list.


We hope this program will create convenience as well as equity among classrooms. The Maple PTSA is committed to ensuring that every student has the pencils, paper and so many other items they’ll need for a great year in school.


“Will the cost be the same each year?”

We don’t expect dramatic year-to-year changes in the suggested payment. Note that we purchase some items because they should last longer than cheaper versions. We seek to provide the best quality items at an average cost to families.

“I have more questions about this program, who should I ask?/Wow, this program sounds amazing, who do I contact if I would like to volunteer to help?”

For all questions or suggestions, please contact Bao Ng at giabao.ng@gmail.com.


Financial Contributions


Return the envelope with cash or check to school, or pay online via PayPal (link below). There is also a Donors Choose project that you can share with your friends and family to gather donations for additional funding. Share the following link