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Kindergarten FAQ
Maple Teams
Family Engagment Action Team (FEAT)
is a school organization sharing similar goals with the PTSA. FEAT hosts activities to encourage family participation in the community and they also help families access school resources and activities. PTSA members can also be members of FEAT.
 Racial Equity Team (RET)
is an organization joined by all teachers at Maple. RET is dedicated to create a racially equitable and respectful learning environment for the diverse population at Maple.
Family Racial Equity Engagement (FREE)
is a group of Maple parents who are learning about and seeking to take steps towards racial equity in our school.
Building Leadership Team (BLT)
is Maple’s advisory, decision making group. It is made up of building administration, staff, and parent representatives. The BLT meets monthly and approves the school budget and the Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP), a guiding document for Maple.
Programs at Maple
English Language Learning - 
Maple Elementary School has an English Language Learner team that helps students who are learning English to flourish at Maple. The ELL teachers will work closely with students who are developing their English fluency and help parents whose home language is not English through events like listening sessions.
Positive Behavioual Interventions and Support (PBIS)  is an evidence-based, school-wide system for supporting positive student outcomes. PBIS prevents student challenging behavior by building a predictable and safe school environment for students, staff and families
Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing, Regulating (RULER) 
 is a socio-emotional literacy curriculum used by SPS and developed by Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence
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