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Start of School Announcements by the Seattle Council PTSA

The Southeast chapter of the Seattle Council PTSA has created these short videos explaining the following in Amharic, Arabic, English, Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Somali, and Vietnamese:

1. School is starting remotely and all students will be given a free device to use during the school year.

2. Pandemic-EBT $399 is available for each student who qualifies for Free & Reduced Lunch.

Channel with all of the videos (will be updated when more videos are uploaded):

Amharic Strong Start: Amharic PEBT:

Arabic Strong Start: Arabic PEBT:

Chinese Strong Start:

Chinese PEBT:

English Strong Start:

English PEBT:

Somali PEBT:

Spanish Strong Start:

Spanish PEBT:

Tagalog Strong Start:

Tagalog PEBT:

Vietnamese Strong Start:

Vietnamese PEBT:

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