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Staff Appreciation Week 2021

Staff Appreciation Week is happening May 3rd-7th. Here are ways you can show gratitude for your wonderful Maple staff and teachers throughout the week:

1. Chalk the walk - Starting on Sunday, May 2nd, head down to Maple and write messages of gratitude on the sidewalks in chalk or hang posters in the entryway.

2. Donations - Lunch and snacks/drinks will be provided for teachers and staff throughout the week. We are collecting cash donations ( or snack donations. Snacks need to be individually wrapped, non-perishable and not homemade, examples are granola/protein bars, crackers/popcorn, or raisins/fruit snacks, and sparkling water. (Some staff have dietary restrictions such as gluten free, vegetarian or vegan). Drop off snacks to either Gina or Joy by Friday, April 30th (Contact or to coordinate)

3. Daily Messages - Refer to the flyer for digital ways you can show gratitude for your teachers and staff throughout the week.

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