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Upcoming Boundary Changes for Maple

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Hello Maple Families,

At the September PTSA meeting I shared the letter below*. You can expect this letter to be sent to you from the District in the near future.

Last year, we started a conversation with the District about Maple's overcrowding, how our population exceeds that of our neighboring schools, our limited building capacity and long-term solutions. One of the District's solutions it the boundary change that will happen in 2020 or possibly sooner at the start of the 2019 school year. This change was approved by the School Board in 2013 Approved Area Change.pdf . After soliciting feedback from Maple families regarding the Board-approved boundary area, you will see in the communication below that there is now another option being considered. This would impact families living in the Georgetown neighborhood. The following map shows the modified area: Potential Maple to Van Asselt Change Area.pdf . It has not been decided if grandfathering will be a part of this change or if students will have to change schools, even if they are currently a Maple student.

The communication below has details about a community meeting and more information can be found here. I encourage you to join us in this conversation. Even if your family is not impacted by these potential boundary changes, and in addition to attending the meeting, I also encourage you to reach out to the District contacts listed below to inquire about the District's plans for long-term, sustainable solutions to our capacity issues at Maple. Please include me in your communication,

In closing, I appreciate your continuous support and understanding that these discussions are sensitive and involve significant change for our community. I apologize for the lengthy email but I want to ensure all families are engaged in this conversation. Thank you for your partnership!

Elena Sanchez


*Draft of letter that will be sent from SPS to Maple, Van Asselt and Wing Luke Families

Dear Maple, Van Asselt and Wing Luke families and students,

Please join us at a meeting to learn more about upcoming boundary changes for your school. These are not changes for the current school year.

Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Location: Van Asselt

Five years ago, the Seattle School Board approved school boundary changes for Maple, Van Asselt, and Wing Luke. These changes are scheduled to happen in the 2020-21 school year. The approved changes move a portion of the Maple Elementary attendance area into Van Asselt Elementary, and a portion of the Van Asselt Elementary attendance area into Wing Luke Elementary. You can see the change areas on the map on the website.

The changes were scheduled for 2020-21 because that is the year that the new Wing Luke Elementary building will open. The old school is being removed, and a new, larger school building will be built. We know that many families were not a part of the boundary change discussion in 2013. Many families may not be aware of this approved change, and many things may have changed since 2013.

Last spring, Seattle Public Schools Enrollment Planning staff were asked to meet with Maple Elementary parents to discuss a possible change to this schedule, and the area that may move. A change under discussion is to move students from Maple to Van Asselt a year earlier — for the 2019-20 school year. Another change under discussion is to move part of the Georgetown neighborhood to Van Asselt. No decision has been made about these changes. Any changes to the approved boundaries or schedule would need to be voted on by the Seattle School Board. The School Board would also need to make decisions about grandfathering plans.

At the meeting on October 2, Enrollment Planning staff will share information about the boundary changes, ask questions, and listen to your input. Interpreters will be available, and all information shared will be posted on the website. We hope you will attend and that you will encourage other parents to join you.


Ashley Davies, Director, Enrollment Planning

Flip Herndon, Associate Superintendent for Facilities and Operations

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