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COVID-19 Vaccinations Come to Maple Elementary!

The COVID-19 vaccine will soon be available to children aged 5-11 years old. In preparation, there are several dates planned when Maple will host vaccine clinics where students may receive the vaccine.

Consent is needed before students are given any vaccine. Verbal consent (on the phone) can also be given for the school-day clinics, however, students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the events on 11/4 and 12/5. The Pfizer vaccination requires two shots. Students should plan to be available for both clinic dates to receive both doses of the vaccine.

Have questions? You can find most answers at this website:

Have more questions? During the PTSA meeting on 11/9 @ 6:30 pm, Maple's own Nurse Emily Goff will be there to share about the COVID vaccine availability for elementary-age students. If you have more questions, you are encouraged to email Nurse Goff at

In addition to Maple Elementary, there will be an additional 14 regional clinics held on weekends or evenings. Any SPS student 5 years and older can attend with their parent or guardian to receive either the pediatric dose for 5 to 11-year-olds or the regular dose for 12 years and up.

SPS vaccine clinics are organized to prioritize families who face barriers to vaccination. There may be scarcity in vaccine supply in the first few weeks after CDC approval, but this should stabilize after a few weeks, and eventually, everyone will be able to get vaccinated. If a SPS clinic needs to be postponed due to vaccine supply, SPS will re-schedule the clinic as soon as possible.

There are also a variety of accessible options outside of the school system including your regular doctor’s office or clinic, your local pharmacy, as well as community vaccination sites, and community clinics. To find a clinic, pharmacy, or vaccination site near you, use Washington State’s Vaccine Locator:

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